The Scamnesty Plot Sickens

Boehner’s big reform decision | TheHill

Which brings the question back to Boehner.

He appeared to be pondering his mortality last week when he said in San Antonio that he could not guarantee he would stick around for another two-year term.

After failing to seal a “grand bargain” with Obama on cutting the federal deficit, Boehner may see immigration as his opportunity for an achievement that would define his tenure in office.

This is D.C. doublespeak that means, “I’m thinking about retiring.”

Gosh, what could that possibly mean?

Why Boehner Will Push Through Scamnesty By the End of This Summer | Daily Pundit

Then comes the fallout.  First, Boehner will likely either retire, or at least step down from the Speakership.  But almost all of the GOP caucus in the House will be able to run against this scamnesty.  After all, thanks to the mostly Dem coalition forged by Boehner, they didn’t have to vote for it.  

You’ve been hearing this from me for quite a while now.  Take it to the bank.

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