The Hispanic, Black, Asian, Female, Lesbian Candidate

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Essentially he’s a Latino Obama, except with much less experience. If he ends up as VP in 2016, he’d be the youngest veep since Dan Quayle (who had spent eight years in the Senate by the time he was sworn in) and indisputably the one with the thinnest resume, which means, if Hillary’s health goes south, the free world could conceivably be led circa 2018 by a guy whose main qualification was a two-year sinecure atop America’s housing bureau. But look at it this way. If they’re going to have a pure identity-politics candidate at the top of the ticket, why shouldn’t they also have one at the bottom?

Actually, people haven’t really done much thinking about the Democrat quandary that occurs if Hillary Clinton doesn’t run, although many warning signals are beginning to flash around that very subject.

So let’s speculate for a moment that Hillary doesn’t run.  What then?

Well, there are a few things we know about the Democrats:  As an ideology they are becoming an obvious failure.  We are still mired in a Depression that shows no signs of ending.  And they have discovered that experience, competence and intelligence have no bearing on the attractiveness of their candidates among their hard core voters.  Only symbolic representations of their constituencies have any currency with them any more.

So no Joe Biden-type old white males need apply.  It will have to be a woman, a Hispanic, a gay man or woman, or some other checkoff on the diversity flowchart.

In fact, the more boxes that can be checked, the better.  So not only will Elizabeth Warren continue to peddle the notion that she’s a “Native American” woman, maybe pretty-boy Castro (what a fortuitous name – the same as another progressive idol!) will come out as a closeted gay.

Make you a bet:  Between the two Democrat candidates, we will see at least three diversity checkoffs.  Anybody want to take me up on that?

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  1. Castro should get gender alignment surgery but remain (presumably) attracted to women. Then he/she can be a transgendered hispanic lesbian. And lose part of a limb in some pathetic manner, to pick up the handicap handi-able vote. (I think that losing a hand while learning to masturbate with her new body would be ideal. It would pick up the jerkoff demographic, which is probably 2/3 of registered Democrats.)

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