Math. Hard.

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She says makes $8 an hour and pays $1,300 a month for her apartment.

The reason she’s flipping burgers is that she’s so stupid she doesn’t even have enough math to figure out how ridiculous a lie she just spouted.   Her monthly gross at $8/hr, assuming she puts in 40 hours a week, is $1,376.  On that she pays 7.5% for social security, and point or two for medicare, plus whatever federal, state, and local taxes are deducted.

In other words, if those two facts – her hourly wage, and her rent – are our only two data points, it is obvious that she can’t pay her rent, buy food, buy clothes, afford any entertainment whatsoever, and is still going into debt every month.

She probably thinks she has a killer argument.  She does.  It’s just not the one she thinks she’s making.



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Math. Hard. — 4 Comments

  1. Yah, I saw that when I posted about the same story, but the numbers didn’t bother me. Almost certainly she’s either getting assistance of some kind (poor, hardworking, single, 22-year-old mother of three — we must help the poor dear!) or she’s sharing the apartment with someone, or both.

  2. She is probably bitching about $1300/month earnings because it doesn’t cover all her party-time expenses. I’ll bet money that her FSA money is more then her earned money – heck 3 kids = at least $1200/month plus: housing ass., utility ass., EBT card, and whatever else.

  3. We live in New York City — a multibillion dollar city,” she says…

    (emphasis added)

    Interesting, that “We” in there…

    If, in fact, she lives in a $1,300-a-month apartment – which I would tend to doubt to begin with, but hey, it’s always possible, right? – it’s pretty safe to figure 1) there’s at least two or three other “wage-earners” living in that same apartment. and sharing payment of that rent, and 2) it’s entirely likely that she’s living in rent-controlled housing of some kind, and that $1,300/month is what she and her apartment-companions would be paying (if it wasn’t rent-controlled), but is not what they actually do pay – even if the utilities are all-included, which seems kinda unlikely as well.

    In any event…there’s a whole lot of essential information being omitted here, that’s quite certain.

    Her story stinks even worse than her math does.

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