It’s not baseball; you don’t get a third strike.

The to-and-fro regarding fast foodies’ lack of earning power and possible solutions to the problem reminded me why I don’t eat at MickyDs. It has nothing to do with the food (although when they quit frying French fries in tallow they made a bad mistake) because you don’t eat at places like that for the food; you eat at places like that because they are consistent. Consistently average, true, but consistent.

There is a McDonalds on the way to my spouse’s music teacher. Twice I’ve stopped because she can’t ride in an auto for over ten minutes without needing to visit the facilities. I’m old-school…if I use your facilities I’m going to try to buy something from your establishment, seeing it as only fair. I’ve pulled into the lot, gotten in line to order, and still been waiting in line to order when the wife returned powdered, primped, and perfected. And trust me, she takes her time. So I’ve been waiting to order for a minimum of five, and more like ten, minutes. Too long for too little.

If I’m going to have to wait, I’ll go to a full-service eatery.

Ronald has good coffee, and cheap, though.


It’s not baseball; you don’t get a third strike. — 4 Comments

  1. Might be quicker to pull into the drive-through lane, let La Spouse out, get your coffee, and pick her up on the far side.

    Or, if the ten-minutes-between-stops is truly the only reason for stopping, just drive faster, so it’s only ten minutes from your house to the music teacher’s. Depending on whether the problem is distance or traffic, you’ll want either a rocket car or a tank. Or a flying rocket tank!

    • She is no longer mobile enough to pop in and out as in days of old, so I like to stand there and make sure folks are as cautious about knocking a cane-wielder’s support from them as they should be. Folks are still real nice, long as you watch ’em.

      And when you’re ten minutes from the house, you’re still fifty minutes away, so…

      It’s scheduling, like Bill says. It’s about 8AM, dual drive-thru ordering stands merging into one pickup window, so they’re busy. It’s still McDonalds, though, and you don’t wait for that.

  2. I think it’s all part of the same phenomenon: As fast food joints are forced to pay higher wages, they cut staff to compensate, thus slowing production and delivery. They’ll try to compensate with technology and peak-period scheduling, but that’s not foolproof, so inevitably you’re going to walk into one of these places at the wrong time and spend several minutes staring at the chaos behind the counter.

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