Another Idiot Self-Identifies

Miami Will Likely Be Underwater Before Congress Acts on Climate Change –

Miami will likely be underwater before the Senate can muster enough votes to meaningfully confront climate change. And probably Tampa and Charleston, too—two other cities that last week’s National Climate Assessment placed at maximum risk from rising sea levels.

Brownstein, BJ Clinton’s favorite junk journalist, is an idiot.  That goes without saying.  What’s interesting is that he’s so out and proud about demonstrating his idiocy.

Apparently he seems to think that Congress can wave some sort of magic wand and stop Miami from sinking beneath the waves, even on his own terms for what is causing the oceans to rise.

But then, Brownstein voted for Barack Obama because he thought Obama would make the oceans recede, too.

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  1. Let’s see: the seas are rising in Florida; the seas are subsiding in Alaska; the actual sea level has had little change in years. It’s obviously mankind’s fault.
    When the Appalachian Mountains were as high as the Himalayan Mountains, Florida must have been pretty secure. In another 100 centuries no one will care about Florida; it will be either underwater or will have risen again like a Phoenix from its water death.
    Maybe we could slow the sinking by having every democrat move from Florida to their leftist paradise of Detroit.

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