Who’s Driving this Clown Car Catastrophe?

The Winner in Ukraine is China

In the entire sorry history of US diplomacy, I can think of nothing that more resembles an own goal. Nice going, guys. Putin isn’t a genius. We are complete idiots.

We have urgent national security needs, but we don’t talk about them. Where is the sense of urgency, the Sputnik moment, over the fact that America depends on Russian rocket engines to launch its satellites? Where is the outcry over China’s ability to sink American aircraft carriers hundreds of miles from its shores? Where is the concern about Russia’s sale to China of its S400 air defense system (not the older S300 that Iran and Syria have tried to acquire)? The clock is ticking. It’s later than you think.

I’d change the title of the piece to something equally accurate, and a hell of a lot more threatening: The loser everywhere is the United States, thanks to the disastrous, catastrophic ineptitude of the Obama administration.

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