Don’t Trust Sun Trust

Exclusive: SunTrust Cuts Business Ties With Benham Brothers After Conservative Views Attacked | The Daily Caller

First they lost their television show. Now the Benham brothers say they are losing their business.

SunTrust Banks is cutting ties with would-be reality stars David and Jason Benham after liberal activists attacked them for their conservative views on abortion and gay marriage, The Daily Caller has learned.

In a statement provided first to TheDC on Friday, the Benham brothers confirmed that SunTrust Banks has pulled all of its listed properties with the Benham brothers’ bank-owned property business, which includes several franchisees across four states.

I don’t know who in the hell Sun Trust is, but if there’s any way I can hurt them, I’d like to hear about it.

Scum.  Fucking scum.

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Don’t Trust Sun Trust — 4 Comments

  1. I know the bank well: I used to be a programmer analyst for them; they bought the bank that I had signed on with a couple of years before.

    I have to admit that I’m surprised by their initial bullshit move. The company is HQed in Atlanta and consists of a lot of employees and management who are conservative/libertarian. Or at least they were a 14 years ago when I left. The response from angry customers was entirely predicable and should have been avoided. Apparently the bigwigs have all turned into stupid lefties since I left who never look/listen outside of their echo chamber.

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