Why Are We Even Talking About a Guaranteed Loser Like Jeb Bush?

Great news from Jeb Bush: I’ll govern like Lyndon Johnson did « Hot Air

The fact that he reached back to the Great Society instead, knowing that conservatives already view him as suspect, is baffling. Jonah Goldberg wrote a column the other day expressing his mystification at the fact that Jeb seems to feel no need to woo the righty base at all. Granted, he’s not going to be the conservative choice in the primaries, but neither was Romney and he managed to win enough righty votes to build a winning coalition with centrists.

And then lose.  Got that, AllahP?  And then lose!

Let me try to explain it in simple enough terms that even an intarwebz “journalist” can understand it:  No GOP candidate is going to win a general presidential election by alienating the conservative base of the party.  

The name of the game is to win the White House.  It’s not to just win the GOP nomination.  And if the GOP keeps on nominating no-hope “electable” losers, it’s going to disintegrate as a party and be replaced by something that actually understand what “electable” means.



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Why Are We Even Talking About a Guaranteed Loser Like Jeb Bush? — 3 Comments

  1. Lyndon Johnson and the Great Society? Holy sweet mother of Jesus is he out of his friggin’ mind? Stuff like that would alienate many a “moderate Republican”, never mind just the base.

    Face it, after Obama and FDR, LBJ was the most leftist POTUS we ever had.

  2. I’d put Wilson and LBJ in a tie. LBJ could really work the legislative levers to get his agenda done. So while Wilson wanted to enact an even more leftist vision than he could get done, LBJ was able to get things done and inflict serious damage through the legislature.

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