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Wilson Defends Immigration Stance That Alienated Hispanic Population –

LOS ANGELES — Republicans are still apologizing to Hispanics for Pete Wilson’s immigration policies. Mr. Wilson himself, however, offers no apologies.

Nor should he.  Illegal immigration is wrecking California.  Schools are sinkholes, hospitals are closing under the weight of serving illegals who can’t pay, social welfare programs that serve illegals are helping to drag cities down the financial drain, not to mention the major impact that illegals have on boosting the crime statistics.

Democrats pander to Hispanics and illegals in order to get, and keep power.  But the nature and outcome of that pandering guarantees that the power they get will be over the state equivalent of the Titanic.


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  1. Here are three more negative aspects to illegal aliens:
    1) Mexico is hurt by losing its most aggressive, energetic & innovative folks
    2) Innovation is inhibited by under-priced labor
    3) CA, AZ, NM, TX are over-represented in the House

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