Another One of Those Tea Party “Losers,” I Guess

The Most Botched House Race of 2014 –

Washington and Florida Democrats took the unusual step of endorsing an independent candidate for Florida’s 13th Congressional District at the last minute on the filing deadline day. Now they have egg on their faces after independent Ed Jany, a registered Democrat, surprisingly dropped out of the race Tuesday, again draining Democratic hopes of challenging GOP Rep. David Jolly in a Tampa-area swing seat.

Jany, in a statement to The Tampa Bay Times (which first reported the news), said he “wrongly assumed” he could handle his professional workload during a political campaign.

Just two months ago, Democrats may have been slightly favored to capture the seat held for decades by the late Rep. Bill Young, who died late last year. But despite fielding former gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink, a fundraising dynamo who came into the race with high name recognition and benefited from millions of dollars in outside group spending, the party suffered a narrow defeat in the March special election against Republican David Jolly.

This was, of course, a win for the Tea Party.  The Gentry GOP hated Jolly.  Which should give you some idea about how smart their election strategy actually is.

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