Darkness Swallows Pakistan

68 Pakistani Lawyers Are Charged With Blasphemy After Protesting the Police – NYTimes.com

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — In the latest blasphemy case to highlight growing intolerance in Pakistan, the police in Punjab Province said Tuesday that they had filed blasphemy charges against a group of 68 lawyers at the instigation of a Sunni extremist leader.

The mass charging was an unusually wide application of Pakistan’s colonial-era blasphemy law, which carries a potential death sentence. But it was consistent with what human rights groups call an increasingly frequent abuse of the law to settle scores, silence opponents or persecute minorities, and comes at a time when freedom of expression in Pakistan is under concerted assault from extremists.

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is, thanks to Islam, the Islamic Republic of Barbarian Savages.

And by the way:  How in the hell do you call them extremists, when they’re in the majority?

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