Another Hack Heard From: Larry Sabato Speaks

How Big a Wave? – Larry J. Sabato – POLITICO Magazine

ast week, Republican primary voters passed their first Senate test, producing a North Carolina nominee, Thom Tillis, who is merely imperfect, not catastrophic. After the disasters of recent years, national Republicans will happily take it.

Which disasters would those be, Sabato, you hack?

The handful of Tea Party-backed candidates who lost in 2012, or the thundering herd of losers the Gentry GOP pushed as “electable?”

Myth: The Tea Party Lost the 2012 Senate Elections for the GOP

It won’t prevent the media from saying it. It won’t stop the establishment from criticizing tea party candidates as the “problem” with GOP electoral issues. In 2012, a tea party candidate lost one seat: Indiana. The establishment picks lost what they decided were 50/50 shots in Missouri, Virginia, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Montana, New Mexico, Michigan, and Florida. If they were 50/50 shots to win, they should have won at least half of the competitive seats. They went 0 for 8. They failed to win a single seat, while the tea party candidates failed to win one. But yes, let’s continue to say that the “tea party” has set the GOP back electorally. Perhaps the better questions is: what would have been the result if we would have nominated 8 tea party candidates in these competitive races? It couldn’t have been worse. Luckily for the establishment, going 0 for 8 apparently doesn’t make them part of the problem.

The only reason Sabato has such a big rep is that he tells the Ruling Class and the Ruling Party what they want to hear.

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