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Jose claims that the simple, mechanical design of Cyborg Beast is even more comfortable and provides more day-to-day functionality than the expensive version. And if a piece breaks, he could simply print a new one in a few hours.

A typical prosthetic hand from a company will run you more than $10,000, but materials for a 3D printed hand can cost less than $50. The design, research, development and prototyping time for these 3D printable limbs designs has been donated by many individuals in the e-NABLE community, a group of 700 people globally. The design is open source and thus no rights have had to be purchased to use or make them. Therefore it is possible to produce a partial hand for a cost of less than $50 as compared to a retail device with a price of thousands.

Jeremy says he is working with Jose on printing another new hand and this time using a material called Bridge nylon, which is stronger than the previous material and also light weighted. “I’ll also be providing him with an alternate thumb mount that will enable a different kind of grip.” Jeremy said.

According to Jeremy, there is already been active design efforts within the e-NABLE volunteer community to develop an elbow-actuated version and will be released soon as open source.

Most people have absolutely no idea of the changes just over the horizon that will affect every aspect of our daily lives.

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