America’s Ruling Class Doesn’t Live In America, Either

Pat Roberts: Virginia’s Third Senator

While many career D.C. politicians ostensibly live away from their home states indefinitely, they usually make an attempt to maintain a regular residency.  After all, they are so wealthy from working in the public sector; it’s not too difficult to afford at least two homes.  Roberts, on the other hand, clearly does not live in Dodge City, Kansas, the city he cites as his residency for the purpose of voting and running for office.

Pat Roberts has lived in Alexandria, Virginia since 1975.  The only relationship he has with the state is ownership of a rental property in Dodge City and the rights to sleep in the La-Z-Boy chair at the home of a campaign supporter, Duane Ross, which is situated on a golf course.  It was reported that Ross couldn’t remember the last time Roberts slept there.  Remember, this is the residency he lists for his voter registration.

Ever since Roberts attended college and served in the military, he has not lived in Kansas.  He worked as a reporter in Arizona for a few years in the ‘60s before moving to Washington in 1967 to work as a congressional staffer.  He worked for Rep. Keith Sebelius, Kathleen Sebelius’s father-in-law until 1980.  At that point, Sebelius retired and Roberts ran for his seat.  After being away from Kansas for almost two decades, Roberts scrambled to list a vacant lot as his residency in order to qualify to run for office.  A dirt lot is clearly not a residence, but nonetheless, nobody bothered to look into the matter at the time.

Once he was elected to the Senate, Roberts must have been feeling self-conscious about his residency so he changed his listing to a rental property.  During the last two reelection campaigns, he listed that property at 2309-B Fairway Dr, Dodge City, KS 67801 as his primary address.  Last year, as Roberts began shifting his voting habits due to the impending challenge from Milton Wolf, he also changed his residency to that of the golf course La-Z-Boy.

Now that Wolf is challenging Roberts on his eligibility to run for reelection, his campaign is claiming that he can still run because “he has a long history of intending to be a resident of Dodge City.”

“A long history of intending to live in Dodge City.

The voters of Kansas must be especially stupid.  They vote for a boodle-bagger who lives in the one area of America that is constitutionally forbidden to be one of the United States.

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America’s Ruling Class Doesn’t Live In America, Either — 1 Comment

  1. The Constitution is well and truly dead. From Article I, Section 3, ¶ 3:

    No Person shall be a Senator … who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State for which he shall be chosen.

    Roberts is prima facia ineligible to be a Senator from Kansas, but who understands or cares now days? After all, the Constitution is just a musty old, archaic document reeking of white patriarchal racism, sexism. etc., ad nauseum.

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