More Global Warming Climate Change Mischief

Is climate change making Earth ‘EXPAND’? Melting ice sheets could be altering the shape of our planet

GPS data collected by the international research team, including experts from Newcastle University, Durham University, and the University of Colorado has revealed that the land in this region is actually rising at a phenomenal rate of 0.6 inches (15 mm) a year – much greater than can be accounted for by the present-day elastic response alone.

And they have shown for the first time how the mantle below the Earth’s crust in the Antarctic Peninsula is flowing much faster than expected, probably due to subtle changes in temperature or chemical composition.

Holy smackeroly! I knew that CO2 increases caused by SUVs had already started a mass extinction, but this is beyond the pale! Who ever knew that the earth’s mantle, most of 2000 miles thick and insulated by at least four miles of crust from the atmosphere, would be so affected by the evil CO2?


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