Hockey Stick Mann: He Can Sue, But He Can’t Win

Michael Mann Is A Liar and a Cheat. Here’s Why. | Power Line

Along with his other faults, Mann is litigious. He has sued National Review, the Competitive Enterprise Institute and Mark Steyn for criticizing him, a case he inevitably will lose.

It is generally believed in the scientific community, I think, that Michael Mann is a fraud and a liar, as well as a bully. To understand why, check out Steve McIntyre’s post at Climate Audit on Mann’s effort, along with others in the alarmist community, to bury the post-1960 tree ring data that contradicted Mann’s hockey stick.

Mann will never, ever win in court for the simple reason that in order to do so, he will have to throw open his heretofore secret research data and methods, and he simply can’t afford to do it?  Why?  Because it will expose for all to see the fraudulent nature of his “science.”  Or so it seems to me.


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