Will Hollywood Keep Sending Money to the Misogynist Bigots of Brunei?

Beverly Hills Hotel Enlists ‘Master of Disaster’ Mark Fabiani as Consultant – The Hollywood Reporter

The Beverly Hills Hotel is owned by the Brunei Investment Agency, which is controlled by the Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah. On May 1, a new Sharia law penal code in the Southeast Asian nation was instituted that includes a policy that levies harsh penalties — including plans for death by stoning — for gays and adulterers.

The industry response to the newly installed code has been swift. The Motion Picture Television Fund‘s Night Before Oscars Party was pulled from the Beverly Hills Hotel, as well as The Hollywood Reporter’s annual Women In Entertainment breakfast. 

Ellen DeGeneres, Richard Branson, Sharon Osbourne and Jay Leno have been outspoken in promoting the boycott. 

I hope the usual suspects who enforce the more usual forms of political correctness will continue to apply the same standards to one of their favorite watering holes now that it represents the gay-hating, woman-hating standards of Shariah Islam.

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