On the Left: Dead Men Walking

Rep. John Conyers falls far short of signatures needed for August ballot, clerk says | Detroit Free Press | freep.com

If he ends up losing his seat, it would be an embarassing end to a nearly 50-year career in Congress. Conyers, 84, was first elected in 1964 and has been a leading liberal and civil rights voice in Congress during his tenure, rising at one time to lead the influential House Judiciary committee.

Here’s a takeaway not many seem to notice:  The paladins of the left are not only the Old Guard, they are physically old.  They are, in fact, dying off, one way or another.

Those who come after them will not be kind, I don’t think.


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On the Left: Dead Men Walking — 4 Comments

  1. Makes you wonder how this happened. This guy’s been in Congress for 50 years, and suddenly two of the guys out gathering signatures happen to be ineligible to do so? Seems pretty unlikely.

    Having said that, the idea that someone who’s not eligible to vote is also ineligible to walk around with a clipboard asking for people to sign their name is a bit silly. But I’m inclined to go not give leniency anyway: Democrats love to ignore the law; let’s make sure they follow this one.

    I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see a judge overrule this, though: it’s not as if Democrats don’t have a long history of brazenly ignoring the law about who can be on the ballot *cough*Frank Lautenberg*cough*.

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