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Russia Flexes Military Muscle On Victory Day Amid Ukraine Unrest (PHOTOS)

At the “Victory Day” parade in Moscow’s Req Square, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Soviet forces had saved Europe and praised his nation’s “all-conquering patriotism,” CNN reported.

The president then headed to celebrations in Crimea in his first visit to the territory since it was annexed by Russia in March. The Guardian reports that the streets of the Crimean port of Sevastopol thronged with crowds chanting “Russia!”, “Victory!” and “Thank you!” as pro-Russia militiamen and bikers tore through the streets.

Pro-Russians fighting Ukrainian troops in eastern Donetsk gathered for quieter Victory Day celebrations as deadly clashes continued to rage nearby. Elsewhere in Ukraine, authorities scaled back Victory Day celebrations for fear of further violence, but veterans held a small rally in Kiev, according to CNN.

The anniversary of the 1945 Nazi surrender is still celebrated in many former Soviet territories.

A friend of mine on Faceplant said he missed the big missils in the current version of Russian May Day celebrations. I told him they saved those for Victory Day.

Which was held eight days after May Day, so here you go, Tim, a big penis substitute. Note the commie insignias and flags scattered about in the other pics.

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