The Lights of Civilization Are Going Out In Europe

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Secondly, Charlie seems unaware of what’s going on in schools around the world. In that post about Boko Haram from last year, I also wrote this:

Up north, in the crucible of liberal social democracy, City Hall in Copenhagen held hearings earlier this year about the bullying of Jews in heavily Muslim public schools. Seventeen-year-old Moran Jacob testified:

‘In eighth grade, his teacher told him to say that he was Palestinian and that his mother was Russian. “I had to lie about who I was,” he recalls. But it didn’t work. They knew. Eventually, a group of his classmates ganged up on him and stabbed him in the leg. “You can’t go here anymore,” his teacher said. “I have scars,” he told the hearing. “Not on my body, but on my soul . . .”

‘”Jews have learned to keep a low profile,” Max Mayer, president of the Danish Zionist Federation, told the hearing. “To not exist in the city…” And they teach their sons to do the same: wear the skullcap at school, but take it off when you leave. This, Mayer said, has become standard practice for Danish Jews: “Don’t see us, don’t notice us.”‘

This is liberal, multicultural Europe in the 21st century. As part of his thanks for raising the subject, young Moran Jacob was subsequently set upon by “Arabic kids” on Strøget, the main pedestrian street in Copenhagen, and forced to move away from the neighborhood in which he’s lived all his life. He’s now considering leaving Denmark…

Listen to how cowed the school principals sound in the Copenhagen story and then figure the chances of anyone addressing the issue honestly. Boko haram, indeed.

To the people who drove that Jewish boy out of his school, arguing that the Holocaust never happened is not a dazzling virtuoso display of Oxbridge-level intellectual gymnastics but just business as usual.

Jews in Europe should be emigrating en masse out of the area as soon as possible.  Those that stay are playing the same head-in-the-sand, it-can’t-happen-here self-delusions that led to the last Holocaust.

Am I saying it could happen again in Europe?  Of course I am.  Europe has a millennium-old (at least) tradition of anti-semitism, and all it generally needs is an ideological movement to give it some respectability.  The last such movement was German Nazism.  The current movement is Barbarian Islam.  All that remains is for the match of one to light the tinder of the other.

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  1. I’m wondering if a population in general becoming sheeplike is the big indicator, acquiescing to what the government decides is best for society at large, which then makes gun grabs so much easier. A case in point: the UK, a place, that you’ve mentioned before, lost its best DNA in the battlefields of the two World Wars and which enacted draconian guns laws after the Dunblane massacre. The US isn’t so cursed, but the powers that be keep trying.

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