Gentry GOP: United In Losing

Why the GOP is So Divided – Steve Deace – Page 2

This brings me to the sixth commandment: never, ever abandon your base (unless they’re morally wrong).

The Republican Party establishment always ends up fighting a two-front war between its own base and the Democrats. Meanwhile, the Democrats come across as a united front. While that’s not always the case, it appears that way because the Republican Party establishment consistently violates this commandment.

An example from my own state’s legislature illustrates my point.

The Democrat state senate leader in my state is a fearless, hard-left ideologue. The sort of leader you love when he’s on your team, hate when he’s not. I can’t recall a single time he’s backed down to the Republicans on anything in the last five years. He ruthlessly pushes his agenda and rules with an iron fist. If any somewhat moderate Democrats (hey, I live in the heartland, there might still be a few) get squishy, they get rolled. On the other hand, he protects the true believers with all his might. This sends a message: if you’re on board with the ideological agenda we’ve got your back, if you’re not we don’t.

Wouldn’t you love this guy to be a conservative?

I think we have conservatives like that.  What we don’t have is any Ruling Class, Ruling Party Gentry GOP leaders like that.

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