Tina Brown: Hemorrhoid On the Ass of Publishing History

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Thank Monica for it all, according to a snarlingly acid-toned Tina Brown, who explores “How Monica Lewinsky Changed the Media,” transforming numerous Clinton administration victims into The Other along the way:


Michael Isikoff’s story on Clinton’s affair with Lewinsky, only to see its details leaked by Matt Drudge. In retrospect, it was the beginning of the end for the magazine, whose exhausted corpse would be offloaded 12 years later would by the Washington Post for a dollar, and handed over to — well, you know the rest.

If you don’t know, it was handed over to Tina Brown, who pounded the final stake through the head of the shambling zombie mag, but not before blowing a hundred million bucks of other people’s money on the burial.

Her bitterness stems from the fact that she’s incapable of either competing in the new media environment, or convincing any deep pockets backers to give her any more chances to try.



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