Teach The Children Well – To Knuckle Under and Kiss Your Worthless Ass

Texas high school suspends student — for refusing to recite the Pledge of Allegiance « Hot Air

But his attitude didn’t sit well with his Needville school. He stopped saying the pledge earlier this school year and hasn’t had a problem. But when announcements were moved to a different period on Wednesday, a new teacher spotted him sitting down during the recitation. He also sat down during the Texas Pledge, a special pledge that students in the state make to The Lone Star Flag. She was furious. …

When he refused to get up, he says the principal of his high school slammed him with two days of in-school suspension. The punishment came with a warning: continue sitting down and he’d get more suspension time.

I think every so-called adult involved with this travesty should immediately get unemployment time  – permanently.

Public education:  Child abuse by any other name would still stink as badly.


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