New IRS Scam – Ignored By IRS Too Busy Persecuting Conservatives

Phone scam calling from Washington 202-506-9418 | Torrance | Yelp

Got a robocall on my answering machine a few days ago that said:

“At hand is extremely time sensitive.  I am officer Hedda Gray from Internal Revenue Service and the hotline to my position is 202 506 9418.  I repeat it’s 202 506 9418.  Press “1” now and speak with an IRS officer.  Don’t disregard this message and do return the call before we take any legal allegation against you.  Good bye and take care.  Now press “1” and speak with an IRS officer or call 202 505 9418.”

…A little googling tells me this is a scam.
Just wanted to share with all of you, & if you have elderly relatives, please share this with them to protect them from being scammed.

I got one of these this morning.  The recorded message claims to be from an “IRS officer,” which seems to me as if it ought to be some sort of a crime if it’s a lie, which it is.

I frankly don’t understand why the Feds don’t do something about crap like this.  Although I guess the IRS is probably too busy auditing conservatives to bother to protect Americans from naked theft and fraud.

Anyway, FYI, the IRS doesn’t ever call you.  If they have something to say, they do it by official snail mail.


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