WaPo Busy Manufacturing New Conservative Candidates to Muddy GOP Field

WaPo: There’s a new Republican dark horse emerging for 2016 « Hot Air

But Pence is, famously, a “full-spectrum conservative.” The fact that he’s saying outright that he thinks there’s nothing wrong with the GOP’s agenda might be reassuring to undecided voters faced with hard choices in the primaries between hawks and doves, social moderates and social conservatives, and so forth. I think McCain got nominated in 2008 because GOP voters ultimately decided he was the safest choice; Romney was also the safest in 2012. Maybe all he has to do is jump in, keep his head down while the rest of the field nukes each other, and then accept the nomination when voters decide it’s all too much and they should just stick with the inoffensive conservative guy from the midwest.

Yeah.  So they can run their losing streak to three in a row.

What is this fascination with governors on the part of the GOP, by the way?   In the last hundred years, the GOP has managed to elect only three former governors to the White House – Calvin Coolidge, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.   And Bush only managed to win the popular vote once, in a squeaker.




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