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Krystal Not Clear on Orwell | National Review Online

It is peculiar that Ball has elected to give one of Orwell’s books the full Ministry of Truth treatment when there is so much else in his work that she could have chosen to buttress her point. She could have opened at any page The Road to Wigan Pier or Down and Out in Paris and London — or, really, picked up any one of his many essays — and she would have come across a host of writing that would have served her cause. This was a man whose raison d’être was to puncture the middle class’s indifference toward conditions at the bottom, and to recruit them to his cause. One acerbic line, and she’d have her case. That instead she felt the need to repeatedly hijack the imprimatur of a novel that is explicitly about something else tells us all we need to know: She’s never read a word of it.

More likely she did, but did not have sufficient historical experience or intellect to understand a word of it.

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