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For Lowering Blood Pressure, Raw vs. Cooked Veggies – MPR

Eating a healthy diet can lower your blood pressure, but does it matter if you are consuming cooked or raw vegetables? Researchers evaluated data from the International Study on Macro/Micronutrients and Blood Pressure (INTERMAP) to see how vegetable consumption affects blood pressure. Those with high intake of total vegetables had approximately 2-mmHg lower systolic blood pressure; raw vegetables had twice that of cooked vegetables (?2.6?mmHg vs. ?1.3?mmHg, respectively). Foods such as cooked celery, raw carrot, and raw or cooked scallion or tomato had significant inverse associations with systolic blood pressure. The research supports the recommendation for individuals to include more vegetables in their diets in order to help maintain a healthy blood pressure.

So don”t cook your veggies, if you eat that stuff.  I don’t very much.


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