Divisive and Victorious

Conservatives’ Baskin-Robbins Problem

How can I say this? Because over 54% of Republican primary voters did not vote for Tillis. Had these other voters consolidated behind a single candidate, as the establishment always does even if they have to switch gears to do so (see the maneuvering to push Christie out and test Bush), Brannon or Harris would be the one facing Senator Hagan.

Conservatives jump from candidate to candidate in a lot of these races, and the more who throw their hat into the ring, the further it dilutes their voice in the primary. When the wife and I go out for ice cream, she’s pretty set in her ways. A salted caramel option will always get her eye. If that is unavailable, then butter pecan sounds good. But that’s the limit for her.

And of course the Gentry GOP encourages this.  It settles early on the candidate it wants, and then backs that candidate to the hilt, while every whackadoodle no-chancer “conservative” in the Republican Party lines up to slug it out, making sure that the socons have a candidate or two, the paleocons have at least one, the libertarians have a fave, and there’s usually even something for ethnic voters of one shade or another.  Divide and conquer has become a byword for 2000 years because divide and conquer works.

I’m backing Ted Cruz, from now until he is either the nominee, or until he drops out of the race.  I think he’s able to appeal to more Americans (not just Republicans) than any other candidate available, and he’s the Gentry GOP’s worst nightmare.

Let’s all get behind him against whatever nightmarish “electable” loser – Christie?  Rubio?  Jeb Bush?  Romney??? – the Gentry hacks up after the elections this fall.

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