Could Aspirin, Statins Help In the Search for New Antibiotics?

Antibiotic Resistance Spurs Research Into Alternative Treatment Regimens – MPR

The Relationship Between NSAIDs and Development of Antibiotic Targets

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) have recently become the focus of investigation due to the need for new classes of antibiotics and their potential antibiotic properties. The effectiveness of NSAIDs as single agents has been shown to be weaker than standard antibiotics, but studies suggest that use in combination with traditional antibiotics may provide independent antibiotic effects. However, more compelling evidence suggests that the structure of NSAIDs may actually aid in the inhibition of DNA replication of some bacterial species, serving as a scaffold or target for the development of stronger classes of antibiotics, with novel mechanisms of action.3

Antibacterial Activity Tied to Statins

Research efforts also suggest a potential role of statins in the treatment of bacterial infections. While statins have traditionally played a role in risk modification associated with cardiovascular disease, new data suggests possible antibacterial activity and anti-inflammatory effects. A recent review outlined the antimicrobial properties of statins, highlighting their effects on different bacterial pathogens. The studies evaluated in the review demonstrated a reduction in infectious complications associated with statin administration. Despite this promising data, further randomized trials are needed to validate the use of statins for the treatment of bacterial infections.4

Faster, please.  And I do mean faster.  The problem of antibiotic resistance is rapidly growing worse.


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