Gentry GOP Ruling Class Cronies Will Go For Hillary

GOP senators turn against their own in ’16 | TheHill

Republican strategists say lawmakers are uncomfortable with the prospect of nominating a standard-bearer in 2016 whom Democrats can attack as having little practical experience running a large enterprise.

I wish articles like these would name all the Senators so inclined, so I’d know whose opponents to donate to this fall and in 2016.

BTW, what’s Hillary’s practical experience running a large enterprise again?

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Gentry GOP Ruling Class Cronies Will Go For Hillary — 4 Comments

  1. …what’s Hillary’s practical experience running a large enterprise again?

    Well…must’ve been pretty much a full-time management dealie for a few years, there, keeping track of Slick Willie’s various “girlfriends” and potential lawsuits…then, there was all that “development” of various sources of graft investments she was involved in for awhile…

  2. In a not so surprising move, Hillary will select a very accomplished and highly qualified person to be her VP. That person, with all his skills will assure the people of these United States that they are in good hands. Her choice, from the great State of Arizona, is none other, than that superb Democrat Senator, John McCain.

    Does that sound about right? barf!

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