She’ll Take Her Uterus And Go Home, By God!

Liberals Beg Pelosi To Not Appoint Democrats To Benghazi Committee | The Daily Caller

Speaker of the House John Boehner has ordered the establishment of a new special committee to investigate the 2012 attacks on Americans in Benghazi — but some liberals don’t want any Democrats to take part in the hearings.

“Member of Congress told me she will urge Nancy Pelosi to appoint NO Democrats to Special Benghazi Committee,” liberal talk radio host Bill Press wrote on Twitter on Monday. “She’s right!”

This is the Democrat notion of “compromise.”


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She’ll Take Her Uterus And Go Home, By God! — 4 Comments

  1. I would think they would want some members on the committee to have advance warning of incoming, new evidence and to ask questions to try to establish a counter-narrative. But then, I’m just a political simpleton. I’m sure they expect the MSM to do NO reporting of the proceedings.

  2. MSM headline: Pubs criticize Prez without the participation of any Dems. Political witchhunt says Dems. One sided politics.

    They will say this despite having shut out all Pub participation in passing ObamaCare. Despite this fact, the narrative is that Pubs sabotaged OCare by not participating.

  3. I saw a link via Insty just a few minutes ago saying how she wants an even representation on the committee (which is going to be 7-R 5-D) but in 2007 when she was the Speaker, she created a select committee on something that was 9-D 6-R. Every time she opens her mouth about this, Boehner should say “this committee is more balanced than the one you created, Baghdad Nan.”

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