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Activist investor buys NY mansion for record $147M | New York Post

Rosenstein will have Jerry Seinfeld, art dealer Larry Gagosian and hedge-fund manager Jim Chanos as neighbors.

Entertainment mogul David Geffen was said to be one of the house hunters who looked at the property before he signed a contract to buy Courtney Sale Ross’ estate on Georgica Pond for $50 million.

The $147 million sale of Browne and Gordon’s home breaks the record set two weeks ago when the 50-acre Copper Beech Farm in Greenwich, Conn., sold for $120 million.

The deal also tops the $103 million Ron Baron paid in 2007 for an undeveloped 40-acre parcel, also on Further Lane, where the billionaire is building a 28,000-square-foot mansion.

All of whom are, I believe, big donors/supporters of Barack Obama and the Democrat Party.

But don’t worry, middle class folks: You can come visit these people.  If they need a sewer cleaned, or a toilet unclogged.



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