Is North Korea the Blueprint for Iran?

Report: N. Korea Has Nuclear Warheads for Missiles | Washington Free Beacon

North Korea has developed nuclear weapons capable of being launched on its ballistic missile forces, according to a new report by a defense analyst.

The Obama administration is seeking to hide the fact that North Korea possesses nuclear missile warheads, according to a report by Mark Schneider, a former Pentagon strategic analyst and director for forces policy at the office of the secretary of defense. Schneider’s statement came in a report published April 28 in the journal Comparative Strategy.

Remember this?

Holding the Democrats responsible for a nuclear North Korea: Why Hillary Clinton should not be the President! – One Citizen Speaking

“In the spring of 1997 senior Clinton administration policymakers were alerted that the North Korean nuclear weapons program was not frozen;· said a government official who was angered by the fact that Congress had been kept in the dark. and Madeleine Albright lied to the Senate about it.” On July8,1998, before the Senate Finance Committee, Albright testified that the nuclear accord has “frozen North Korea’s dangerous nuclear weapons program.”

But that was not all; she had fed this line to Congress several times previously. As far back as February 12, 1997, Albright had said this to the House Appropriations Committee: “The Framework Agreement is one of the best things the administration has done because it stopped a nuclear weapons program in North Korea.  <Source>

Okay, how about this?

Bush Rebukes North Korea; U.S. Seeks New U.N. Sanctions – New York Times

UNITED NATIONS, Oct. 9 — The United States proposed tough new United Nations sanctions on North Korea on Monday after its reported test of a nuclear device, and President Bush warned the North that he considered its activity a potential threat to American national security.

Lots of warnings and sanctions and threats and promises and negotiations against a country with an economy the size of Rhode Island – and yet here we are, with North Korea a nuclear power now approaching the ability to launch ICBMs against CONUS.

With a record like that from both parties – from the American Ruling Party, actually – why on earth should we trust what any of our leadership says or does about Iran and its nuclear program?

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