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LA Mayor: Donald Sterling Will Put Up ‘Long Fight’ To Keep Clippers – Forward.com

Garcetti said he had spoken with Sterling, urging him to apologize for his comments, but that he expects an ugly legal battle.

“I think that he thinks that he’s going to be the owner for a long time, that he wants to stay the owner,” Garcetti said. “And I said, ‘This will be a long, protracted fight and a painful thing for our city …’”

Garcetti said Sterling’s continued ownership could be “very tough” for the Clippers players, who advanced to the second round of the NBA playoffs Saturday, since further success would profit Sterling.

Kevin Johnson, a star guard for the Phoenix Suns in the 1980s and 1990s and now mayor ofSacramento, California, served as an emissary for the NBA players union after Sterling’s conversations were revealed. He said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that he would like to see a unanimous or near-unanimous result when owners vote on making Sterling to sell the team.

A three-fourths vote by the board of governors would be required to force the sale.

“I think the players feel very strongly that they have confidence in the owners to make the right decision,” Johnson said. “I think the owners are going to put the Clippers in a position where this owner, Mr. Sterling, is going to have to sell the team. Whether it happens this week or next week, it’s going to have to run that process.”

It’s not going to happen this week or next week.  Or next month or next year.  I expect Sterling to maintain ownership of the team until he dies.   He’s an eighty year old billionaire.  You think he gives a rat’s ass about the shriekfest du jour in the progressive cess pits?


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Easier Said Than Done — 4 Comments

  1. Kevin Johnson is a TERRIBLE mayor for Sacramento, because he THINKS he’s the Mayor of the Sacramento Kings rather than the Mayor of the CITY of Sacramento. His only thought, his only action, revolved around the NBA and his attempt to keep the Kings in Sacramento. He has done NOTHING for the city that isn’t NBA related.

    Apparently, just like his idol Obama, he thinks that’s enough. And perhaps Sacramento doesn’t think it deserves any better.

  2. I find it odd that a guy who was such a racist would buy an NBA team or have a mixed race girl friend. Seems like he could avoid all of those minorities and live happily ever after with all that money. The recording made me think Sterling was referring to the particular black guys the girlfriend was “dating” (she’s reputed to be quite the afficionado of pro athletes)when he asked for them not to be brought to the games.

    Bottom line for me is that someone wants that franchise and has invoked the PC shriekers to get it. Wonder what the payoff wil be for the GF? Anyway, if I was 80 and had a billion bucks I’d fight this for the entertainment value if nothing else.

    • I was watching Chinese TV about this issue last night, and the commentators – much less fascinated with Sterling’s racism, and prone to question the motives of the woman who’s put him in hot water – repeated a good deal more of the recordings – stuff you’re not hearing in US media, stuff that makes him look much less racist than he’s being portrayed.

      In fact, he strikes me as about average for a white American male of his age. There’s some racism there, sure, but not any urge to return blacks to slavery or Jim Crow.

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