If Israel Doesn’t Want a Palestinian State, There Won’t Be a Palestinian State

US officials: Even if Israel doesn’t like it, Palestinians will get state | The Times of Israel

They also warned that if, as announced, Israel seeks “to impose economic sanctions on the Palestinians, it could boomerang. The West Bank economy will collapse, and then Abbas will say ‘I don’t want this anymore. Take this from me.’ There’s great potential for deterioration here, which could end with the dismantling of the Palestinian Authority. Israeli soldiers will have to administer the lives of 2.5 million Palestinians, to their mothers’ chagrin. The donating countries will stop paying up, and the bill of $3 billion a year will have to be paid by your Finance Ministry.”

Or, you know, the Israelis could just shove all 2.5 million across the Jordanian border and let their Arab brothers take care of them.  Jordan has considerable experience with that sort of thing.

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