Progressives Will Eventually Suicide – Unfortunately, Not Before Murdering the Rest of Us

America the Shrunken –

“At the core of Americans’ anger and alienation is the belief that the American dream is no longer attainable,” Sosnik wrote. “For the first time in our country’s history, there is more social mobility in Europe than in the United States.”

We’re laggards, slackers, and everywhere you turn, the evidence mounts.

American schoolchildren aren’t anywhere near the head of the international pack, and American adults, according to one recent study, lack the technical skills that peers in many other developed countries have.


American bridges crumble. American trains crawl. American flights leave from terminals that pale next to many Asian and European counterparts. Joe Biden acknowledged as much three months ago when he compared La Guardia Airport to a third-world country. I’ve been to La Guardia and I’ve been to Guatemala, and if I were Guatemala, I’d sue for defamation.We seldom build big things anymore. We just talk about building them and usually decide to take a pass or to wait, whether it’s a high-speed train in California or another tunnel between New Jersey and New York. And while each of these demurrals has a reason, the sum of them has an inescapably defeatist bent. We’re tentative. Timid.

My Times colleagues David Leonhardt and Kevin Quealy recently reported that the middle class in America, which had long been the world’s most affluent, wasn’t anymore. Canada had overtaken us.

My Times colleague Nicholas Kristof wrote about America’s rank on a new “social progress index” that includes 132 countries. We’re 39th in basic education, 34th in access to water and sanitation — access to water and sanitation! — and 16th over all, just two spots above Slovenia.

Of course this NYT hack, busily blaming Americans for our plight (he’s right, but he doesn’t really understand how he’s right), never once takes a look at how much the Progressive State has contributed to this downfall.

Our public education system, at the mercy of progressive feminazis who impose educationally quackery while at the same time trying to marginalize the real source of advancement throughout all of human history – men – has not fallen apart by itself – it’s been consciously destroyed.  Nor has an affirmative action policy that produces ever less educated students helped, especially when “affirmative action” has an unofficial component that dumbs down coursework and grades so as to pretend that the products of the bastardized system are performing at the same high level they always were.

Our economy, twisted and gutted by progressive nostrums and regulations that rape more than a trillion dollars of productivity from it every year, so that our Ruling Class can continue to have a trough at which to guzzle.

The progressive hatred of capitalism and free markets have hamstrung the most potent driver of wealth the world has ever seen.  Not to mention that this unparalleled destruction of wealth has created a near majority of people who depend on the government stealing from some of us to give to them in order to survive.

In the sciences, progressives have elevated junk science, superstition, and phony religious substitutes to positions of primacy, and then wondered that the quality of the scientific product had degenerated so badly.

I could go on – anybody who’s been paying attention could do so – but what really bothers me about articles like these in the usual lefty venues is that the remedy is alway a combination of “lie back, spread your legs, and enjoy the decline,” along with “let’s have lot more of the very same policies that have brought us to this sad state in the first place.”

Suicide as national policy has never been very attractive to me, but progressives seem to like it a lot.


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