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Ben Affleck Under Investigation In Las Vegas For Card Counting | Radar Online

“He has been observed playing blackjack at multiple Las Vegas Strip properties, and is suspected of moving his wagers with the count,” the report notes. “He was reportedly backed off at one off-Strip casino,” referring to the Hard Rock incident.

But trouble had been brewing before that. An April 22 internal email from the Games Protection Manager at the Wynn and Encore casinos, Rob Olivetti warned recipients that “Ben Affleck (the actor) … Was informed that he was being way too obvious moving his money with the count. He was spreading $100 -10K on the double decks and $0-20K (2@10K) on the shoe games. As of now, he is still being allowed to play per casino management.”

For all you amateurs out there – card counting isn’t “cheating.”  Casino owners bar it because it cuts into the built-in house advantage.  Of course, having a built-in house advantage isn’t cheating.

A well-trained counter moves the advantage from the house to about one percent in favor of the player.  The house can’t permit that.

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  1. If this is true, then Affleck’s either an attention whore or bad at what he’s doing.

    I used to know a guy who he said learned how to count cards, and then went to Atlantic City about once a quarter and made $10K. (He told me this probably ten years ago, so maybe he made $10K/year, not per trip, I don’t remember.) He said he made a point of trying to not be obvious that he was counting, and that included quitting before he’d won enough to make the casinos suspicious.

    • I’m a counter, and an unobtrusive one. I learned many years ago when I was a bartender in Vegas (I opened the old MGM Grand). The eyes in the sky, if they’re paying attention, can spot counting pretty well – doubling down at odd times, betting patterns, like that.

      You’re right about Affleck’s “methods.” If he was actually using chips as counting markers, he’s an idiot.

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