Ignore That Man Behind the Scamnesty Curtain

Conservatives revolt against Boehner on immigration – Seung Min Kim – POLITICO.com

John Boehner teased them last week for whining about the fact that they couldn’t tackle a tough topic like immigration reform.

But conservative immigration foes have yet to let go of the speaker’s remarks about them.

In the aftermath, they are stepping up their efforts to thwart any plan that might be afoot among House leadership to jam reform through the House by the end of this year. A group of conservatives plans to meet and strategize this week, and are scouring bills searching for offending language that might somehow slip through their gates.

“We have to man the watchtowers 24/7,” said Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), referring to a feeling among hard-liners that House leaders will try to sneak through immigration measures.

As I’ve been pointing out, Boehner doesn’t need House conservatives to pass scamnesty in the House.  And I’m cynical enough to wonder if this “resistance” from House conservatives isn’t just more of the Kabuki theater leading up to the Boehner/Reid Scamnesty of 2014:  “We opposed it from the start, but there was just nothing we could do to stop it.  Please don’t hold us responsible.”


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