Oooohhh – They Failed on Twitter!

State Dept. Spokesperson: Russia Has ‘Not Been Following Their Hashtag with Action’ | Mediaite

Of all the things that could possibly help along the current crisis in Ukraine, anyone think a hashtag’s gonna do it? No? Anyone? Well, there is apparently a war of hashtags brewing between Russia and the State Department, inviting a fair bit of derision over this rather… unconventional diplomacy.

Here’s what happened: the State Department has been using the #UnitedforUkraine hashtag, and so the official Twitter account for the Russian foreign ministry decided to hijack the hashtag for itself, because passive-aggressive diplomacy is the best kind of diplomacy. So State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki shot back on her own Twitter account, expressing the hope that Russia will “live by the promise of [the] hashtag.”

One of the biggest problems the Internet has created is the notion that social media is the real world, and “victories and defeats” there mean damn-all to the true players.

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Oooohhh – They Failed on Twitter! — 5 Comments

  1. This is one logical endpoint of a post-modern worldview. If you believe reality is defined by narrative, and social media defines narrative, ergo, you believe that social media defines reality.

    No, it doesn’t make a lick of sense, but then, post-modernism never did. However, it’s a lovely philosophy for those who want intellectual cover for the fact that everything they believe in has been found to fail every single time it’s applied in the real world.

  2. Don’t they understand, Putin IS united for Ukraine. He wants to unite all of Ukraine in a Russian dominated client state as part of the Neo-USSR.

    That’s the nice thing about Social Media Constructed Reality. Everyone gets to construct their own reality. Of course, some realities are more real than others.

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