Victory Is Ours!

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Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.) said Sunday that the Democrats are in a strong position for the midterm elections despite a growing litany of wobbly statements from party officials, elected politicians and liberal commentators.

Uh huh.

Defiant Iraqis Say U.S. Advance Has Been Broken – New York Times

Information Minister Muhammad Said al-Sahhaf made his regular daily foray to the Palestine Hotel to put things into perspective, Iraqi style. His main point was that the American capture of the airport on Friday had been reversed by an Iraqi counterattack using regular units and “a very innovative way of war” involving suicide bombers.

General Renuart, in Qatar, said today that the Americans remained in firm control of the airport, and that they would continue moving into Baghdad as and when they chose.

But Mr. Sahhaf said, essentially, that the Americans were in the world of make-believe.

“We have defeated them, in fact we have crushed them in the place of Saddam International Airport,” he said today. “We have pushed them outside the whole area of the airport.”

To drive home this claim of American desperation, he added this account of the battle: “They have done everything crazy, everything crazy, in order to lessen the pressure we have put on their troops.”

The Iraqi strategy, Mr. Sahhaf said, was to drive the Americans back to pockets of resistance outside Baghdad. One place mentioned was Abu Ghraib, west of the capital, notorious as the site of the grimmest prison in Mr. Hussein’s gulag.

Travelers reaching Baghdad in recent days described American troops with tanks at checkpoints on the expressway that passes Abu Ghraib on the way to Jordan. But Mr. Sahhaf said that the American units there, and at two other locations he named as Hadithi and Qadisiya, were surrounded by Iraqi troops.

“We nailed them down,” he said.

Well, both situations involve a spokesman for a guy named “Hussein,” so…


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  1. Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.) said Sunday that the Democrats are in a strong position for the midterm elections…

    Personally, I wouldn’t accept anything that silly-assed, sad-sack Jar-Jar Binks-look-alike said as having any more factual value than any of the public maunderings of her Mom-jeans-wearing, puppy-munching boss – and even an ever-increasing percentage of The Nationwide Great (Mostly) Unaware now knows him to be an all-around, clearly obvious liar…

    As you refer to when matching her up against ol’ Baghdad Bob for relative “credibility”, her prior utterances have been entirely along the “Party line”, and, equally-entirely, unadulterated and total bullshit. Starting out at roughly zero for credibility from the get-go, she’s gone briskly and invariably further and further into negative numbers.

    • [snark] J.S., you silly man! Don’t you understand that “reality” is only a social construct, that merely asserting something repeatedly makes it true (argunentum ad assertum), and that speaking the proper incantations assures your wishes and desires will come to pass. DWS isn’t lying, she is simply performing progressive magic rituals in public. [/snark]

      Of course, you and I believe that if she told the truth, as we perceive it, vast swathes of the Democratic base would stay home. It will be interesting to see whose “reality” proves stronger, but I have little confidence in the intelligence of my fellow citizens or the ability of the GOP.

      • …DWS isn’t lying, she is simply performing progressive magic rituals in public.

        Right, gotcha…of course, for anyone who’s not a Democrap or perhaps some other type of Progtard, those “progressive magic rituals”, especially and particularly when performed in public, are precisely the same as “lyin’ like a rug on the floor, fast as a long-legged dog can trot.”

        Thanks for the “snark” marks, BTW – saves me from any possible even-marginal misapprehension of your true meaning.

        I, unfortunately, share your lack of confidence in both the General Electorate (aka: The Great, Nation-Wide Unknowing And Mostly Uncaring) and in the Greasy Old Party’s ability to resist snatching defeat from the very jaws of victory – just wish I could figure out something effective to remedy that, aside from once more feigning indifference and getting on with other matters. Kindly let me know if you come up with anything useful, y’know?

        • Kindly let me know if you come up with anything useful, y’know?

          I believe we are in a slow, inexorable decline in our financial and political systems, and only a final collapse will bring any meaningful changes. So I’m devoting my efforts to the only thing I see as useful, i.e. a strategic relocation. I initially looked at central Utah (around Mt. Pleasant) or western Colorado, but rejected both, and am now scouting the area around Ord, Nebraska. I’ve been listening to Ferfal, and believe that a small rural community with a good growing season and water, away from large urban areas, makes the most sense. I intend to spend my few remaining years reading, woodworking, gardening, and enjoying the decline, as best I can.

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