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This year, a startling number of children who followed their parents into politics are running again, especially among Democratic Senators.  In Arkansas, Senator Mark Pryor (who holds the Senate seat of his father David), is seeking a third term in a very tough Red State battle.  In Louisiana, Senator Mary Landrieu (whose father and brother both served as Mayor of New Orleans) also faces a tough re-election in a conservative Southern state.  In Colorado, Senator Mark Udall, (son of popular Arizona Representative Mo) now faces tough sledding in his re-election fight, while his cousin Tom (son Interior Secretary Stuart Udall) in New Mexico is expected to win more easily.

Up in Alaska, first-term Senator Mark Begich (whose father once represented Alaska in the House) will also have an uphill fight in a very Red state.  In Kentucky, Allison Grimes, the daughter of a former Democratic State Chairman, is running even with GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell in recent polls, while in Georgia, Michelle Nunn, (the daughter of Senate power Sam Nunn) is also running a close race for her father’s former seat.  In Georgia, Democrats are hoping for a “Return of the Jimmy” as President Carter’s grandson Jason runs for Governor.  And Republican “kids” are getting in on the act too: in West Virginia, Shelley Moore Caputo (daughter of three-time Governor Arch Moore) is a solid favor to win a Senate race, while in Texas, George P. Bush (son of Jeb) will be elected Texas Land Commissioner and presumably begin his national career.

It’s too bad that the mouthbreather demographic shuffles into the booth on voting day (or, more likely, has somebody fill out their mail-in ballot for them) and votes for whatever name they most vaguely remember hearing last.


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  1. I don’t know who makes up this crap but….. wishful thinking perhaps

    “Up in Alaska, first-term Senator Mark Begich (whose father once represented Alaska in the House) will also have an uphill fight in a very Red state.”

    You must have significant opposition, before it becomes an ‘uphill battle,’ with ‘Honor code’ Joe Miller the conservative GOP candidat–an easy win for Begich. With Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell, Begich will need to campaign, but Gov. Parnell has damaged Treadwell significantly. Against Dan Sullivan it may well be a harder campaign. But with three major GOP candidates fucking each other over, Begich is the likely winner. I will vote for his opponent but (unless I can bring in a few thousand ballots with me,) it probably won’t be enough.

    • Yeah, we know Alaskans don’t have much use for conservative Senators. They apparently don’t bring home enough pork to suit them.

      Alaskans are forever bitching about how the federal government controls all their resources, but then they line up to vote for the very sorts of politicians – Begich, Murkowski – who will make damned sure that situation remains permanent, because exploiting it for boodle and pork is the way they keep power.

      • Joe Miller’s problems are not his conservatism, but his ethical lapses, and rightly or wrongly, his appearance as opportunistic, and willing to say or do anything to get elected. (Just like most politicians, but he got caught.) Even a large number of ‘small government conservatives’ have major problems with him.
        Traditionally Alaska has received lots of ‘pork’ but the bacon days of Uncle Ted Stevens have been over for 6 years. The pork-pipeline has dwindled considerably and most folks know it will never return.
        This election should have been easy for the GOP to unseat Begich, but they, as usual, are screwing it up. The State gave the Oil companies a two billion dollar windfall, and that is coming up for an initiative challenge. The primary will be flooded with multi-millons of oil ads. And the opposition will be mobilizing as well. The media will pick up all the infighting as the three contenders try to get the upper hand in the primary, and the outcome will likely be a disaster. It is possible for a miracle to happen. His father was killed, and still won the election in 1972, but Don Young won after a new election was called.
        I have tried to convince the Libertarian Party that this is the year to field a great candidate. But that is not going to be easy. The Governor’s race will be a three way event with Parnell facing a Democrat and an Independent challenger (Bill Walker, who I like).

        Alaska is schizoidal, it’s a Conservative/socialist State, peopled with intelligent morons, it has a strong libertarian element that demands rights without responsibilities. (There are folks who will drive 15 miles to dump garbage in the woods, when they could drive 10 miles to the landfill and dump for free.)
        I love this state, and dream of leaving–so I guess I am just one of the Schizoids.

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