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Creationist Ken Ham on ‘Noah’ Film: Worst Film I’ve Ever Seen – TIME

Leading creationist Ken Ham, who recently debated Bill Nye, says that the new blockbuster, starring Russell Crowe, is an insult to Christians: “Ultimately, there is barely a hint of biblical fidelity in this film. It is an unbiblical, pagan film from its start.”

I don’t buy into religious creationism, but the complaint here is valid.  This movie has little or nothing to do with the biblical Noah story, and instead preaches the Religion of Gaea.


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  1. I do wonder if Crowe, the author, and so on, are enraged by the movement to treat this as some kind of scifi and ignore the claimed biblical connection. I kinda hope they are, because it’s about time Christians wised up and did that kind of thing. Compare to the outraged outrage over the Da Vinci code. The movie probably would’ve been a flop if the Catholic Church came out and said “it’s nice that he’s got this story but of course it’s got nothing to do with actual history” instead of getting all butthurt.

  2. If one credits religious mythology, as a quasi-history of ancient events, then it is interesting to consider what actually happened in ‘Noah’s Flood’ event. I used the name “Noah’s Flood” because of the book Ryan and Pitman wrote. It could be an interesting story, if a writer created a fictionalized story of the flood suggested in the book. But a re-telling of the biblical account, or worse yet, a bastardizing of the story, is just going to be boring crap.

      • Well, you can tell a story from a ‘believers’ point of view, or from an ‘anti-believers’ point of view, or just fuck over the story any old way you want.
        All of the ‘believers’ films, I am not at all interested in. All the ‘anti-believers’ films piss me off, because of the political agenda.
        So I don’t enjoy many movies. Just give me a film without political or religious agenda, and I will be happy.
        Which means, I am never happy, and am usual pissed off, but occasionally just bored.

        • just fuck over the story any old way you want

          The prehistoric flood recorded in myth and legend the world over was caused by Cthulhu eating too many people at a party one night, suffering gastric distress on a cosmic horror scale, and overflowing his toilet the next day.

  3. Haverwilde do you get upset by well made Greek mythology movies? There is a way to make a movie without making it pro or anti religious. Just tell the story well without any bias and make it interesting.

    In that respect The Ten Commandments is an excellent example. So is The Greatest Story Ever Told.

  4. Kennycan, no I doubt that I would get upset with a Greek Myth movie, but I can’t remember ever watching one. (Unless of course Zeus was head of a drug company or some such.
    There may be a way of making a good religious story movie, but I haven’t enjoyed one in over 50 years.

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