Turkey Descends Deeper Into the Islamist Outhouse

Protests Erupt as Turkey’s Crisis Deepens – The American Interest

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo?an finds his cabinet in disarray after a police corruption probe resulted in the arrests of high-profile officials and their family members. Erdo?an responded swiftly last week by firing top police officials—at least 70 at last count—but it wasn’t enough to quell anger over government corruption. The political crisis deepened over the weekend as protests broke out and the police intervened with water cannons and tear gas. In response, Erdo?an went on the offensive:

The premier has refused to remove four ministers implicated in the corruption scandal and has accused an unspecified international group of diplomats, journalists and financiers that he called “the interest-rate lobby” of fabricating allegations.

Mr. Erdogan took back-to-back swipes at the U.S. too, suggesting that the American ambassador may be meddling in Turkey’s affairs and accusing lawmakers in Washington of trying to cripple a state-run bank, whose chief was also jailed pending trial in the bribery case.

“A totally illegal, very dirty, and extremely dark trap is being set under the guise of this corruption case,” Mr. Erdogan said Sunday in Giresun, on Turkey’s eastern Black Sea coast. “The meaning of the conspiracy that was hatched last week is very clear: disrupting peace and stability….We will destroy these nasty games being played on Turkey.”

Ah, that pesky interest rate lobby again.

There are times I read the news and just shake my head.  I mean, take another gander at the lead paragraph, above:  The cops arrested a bunch of corrupt crypto-Mullahs, the Head Mullah then arrested a bunch of the cops, and the commenter notes that arresting the cops wasn’t enough to calm the people pissed off about Mullah-corruption.  That’s logic?  Only if you live in a world where arresting cops who arrest corrupt Mullahs should soothe the non-Mullah, corruption-hating demographic.

Then consider the Turkish head Mullah’s press release – primarily the tone and wording.   We have the typical third-rate totalitarian tyranny villains:  “Corrupt interet rate lobby…international groups…the filthy Americans….a totally illegal, very dirty, extremely dark trap…”

And, of course, the obligatory claim that arresting corrupt Mullahs is an act, not against corruption or corrupt Mullahs, but against Turkey itself.  Because corrupt Mullahs and the entire nation of Turkey are one and the same.

This is the language of Chavez’s Venezuela, Castro’s Cuba, Assad’s Syria, the Mullahs of Iran, and all the other totalitarian religious and communist backwater tyrannies, where the people assiduously vote in the very wolves who tear at their bellies.

The one difference?  None of the rest are members of NATO.

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