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Feds Focus Investigation On Who Leaked Report Implicating Ex-CIA Boss For Intelligence Leak… Rather Than On Initial Leak | Techdirt

When the “official” Inspector General report came out, the initial findings that both Panetta and Vickers had revealed classified information had been scrubbed. It doesn’t blame either of them, even though the internal findings said they had, in fact, revealed that info. However, the draft report that implicated Panetta and Vickers was then leaked to reporters for newspaper giant McClatchy, as well as a non-profit, leading to Panetta and Vickers’ actions being publicly reported.

So… guess what the government is angry about? Is it those top officials revealing classified information to filmmakers? Or… is it government insiders revealing to the press that those top officials revealed classified information? Yes, you already know the answer. No one seems interested in doing anything about Panetta or Vickers. Rather, the government is “aggressively” trying to go after whoever released the draft report — even though the details in that report weren’t classified.

Well, the minions of the thug state have to keep their eyes on the prize of what’s really important – their own hides.

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