The Heck With Wearable Tech: Watch Out For Ingestible Tech, and Digestible Tech

Strap on your computer, wearable tech taking off

Wearable technologies have long been a sideshow to mainstream laptop and smartphones, but this year Google’s glasses and rumors of Apple’s iWatch are popularizing the field. Analysts forecast swift growth. Last year the market for wearable technology – encompassing everything from hearing aids to wristband pedometers – totaled almost $9 billion. That should climb to $30 billion by 2018, said analyst Shane Walker at IHS Global Insights.

I’m not sure what you’d call a smartphone other than wearable tech.

But otherwise this is right. As computers become smaller, they will become more intimate. Eventually they will simply become part of our physical structure, right down to the cellular level. And by eventually, I mean in the next 25 years or so.

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