Nemo: Blast From the Past

The New Popular Front by Sol Stern – City Journal

A Bill de Blasio mayoralty would revive the city’s far-left coalition.

Well, I’m sure that Nemo will be thrilled to pieces about that.

And all those others longing for a return to the New York City of yore under Abe Beame, Eddie Koch, and David Dinkins.

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Nemo: Blast From the Past — 3 Comments

  1. Well, first all the media geniuses told me that our next mayor was obviously and absolutely going to be Christine Quinn. Then they said it would surely be Anthony Weiner.

    I think I’ll wait for an election. De Blasio is such an obvious lightweight and transparent fool that he has a good chance of winning, but one question will dog him as the campaign heats up. As NYC’s Public Advocate, can anyone name even one thing he did for the city? Whenever I meet someone swooning over how marvelous he is, I ask this question. Reaction: Puzzlement, then a wrinkled brow, then confusion, then anger followed by sputtering. This could become a problem. Lhota, on the other hand, actually did a visibly great job of running the MTA.

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