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Prosecutor: 3 Teens Charged In Beating Death Of Homeless Man In N.J. « CBS New York

HOBOKEN, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Three teenagers were in custody Saturday morning, on charges of beating a homeless man to his death in Hoboken, N.J.

As CBS 2’s Janelle Burrell reported, Hudson County Acting Prosecutor Gaetano T. Gregory said two 13-year-olds and a 14-year-old were charged in the Sept. 10 death of Ralph Eric Santiago, 46.

Okay, I’ll play. Only my version is called “the .357 magnum game.”

You start to try to knock me out, I shoot you in the face with a .357 magnum hollow point slug, we clean your brains and the entire back of your skull off the wall. How does that sound?

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