Hey! New Dale Franks Car Review Up! What Are You Waiting For?

This week’s car review | Questions and Observations

There’s no easy way to break the news about this week’s review subject: It’s a Lexus. But it’s one of the F-Sport ones, not one of the boring ones. Oh, and it can reduce you to tears of impotent rage, so there’s that. As always, please “recommend” it.

Are you still here? Why? Get over there and read it.

Here’s a taste:

Less Beige — The Joy of Automotion — Medium

Like some other manufacturers, Lexus has followed Audi’s unified center grill design. The way Lexus has implemented it gives the front of the GS 350 a scowly look. But it’s not an angry, aggressive scowl. It’s more of an “I’m having trouble passing my excessively hard and dry stools” kind of scowl.

I have to say I never expected to find a line like that in an auto review, which is one of the things that makes Dale’s reviews so great.

Now go read the damned thing.

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