Tony Penis Poses With Giant Weiner

Anthony Weiner stages a ‘meat’ and greet in Bronx deli – NY Daily News

     Anthony Weiner is all smiles after getting"The Big Salami" from David Greco, owner of Mike's Deli and Arthur Avenue Trattoria inside the Arthur Avente Retail Market.Weiner said "what a big salami " after holding it.Weiner was on a walk around the Arthur Avenue section Saturday,,August31st,2013 ,Bronx,, New York. (Michael Schwartz/ for New York Daily News)

Michael Schwarz for New York Daily News

Anthony Weiner is all smiles after getting “The Big Salami” from David Greco (r.), owner of Mike’s Deli and Arthur Avenue Trattoria. Michael Schwartz

He couldn’t resist.

Anthony Weiner showed off a big Italian sausage at an Arthur Ave. Deli Saturday, agreeing to pose with the ample-sized meat on a campaign stop in the Bronx.

Weiner doesn’t seem to be able to resist very much at all when it comes to dirty sex.

But I have to admit Nemo was right about one thing: Now that Tony Penis has dropped from phony tragedy straight through the floor of farce into the basement of permanent perversion in public, he’s giving the populace of the Apple a banquet of entertainment sufficient to slake even their jaded appetites.

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