Powell Knows His Place

Doug Ross @ Journal: Politico and Colin Powell: A Match Made in Intellectual Dishonesty Heaven                                                      

17 seconds using Google would have allowed an honest journalist to quickly debunk Powell’s nonsense. But since this is Politico — and some hack named “Tal Kopan” (if that is his real name) — we’re talking about, any connection to the truth is purely coincidental.

Related: If you read the list of things you need an ID to do, you would — if you had an ounce of intellectual honesty — admit that the entire bogus voter ID controversy is about one thing: the Democrats’ insatiable desire to destroy the integrity of the ballot box.

If that is a Democrat obsession, (and it is) then why is Colin Powell, a Republican, helping them advance their cause?

Because Powell isn’t really a Republican. He’s a RINOsaur step-n-fetchit for the Ruling Party and the Ruling Class.  He’s what you get when the hands leave the fields of the Dem ethnic plantations and move up to the Big House, where they can be closer to the Boss.

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